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"They’ve taken little bits and pieces from the past six decades of rock and molded it into something fresh and interesting." - Stereogum

"Get a taste of the decidedly pretty lead single “Wolves” — and basically guaranteed to cement their status as Brooklyn’s newest/hottest up­ and­ comers.” - Brookyln Magazine

"Like The Strokes,  this has all the simplicity of a sixties pop classic but without sounding like a corny pastiche. The production is spot-on; contemporary without being overbearing (you know, bleeps and glitches because we can!).  It’s a killer chorus too. *presses replay*." - Honey and Bile

“Wolves” has a catchy beat, great guitar riff, and fun simple lyrics. The soft wolf howling also adds nice depth to the song. It reminds me a bit of Rooney with its laidback rocker feel." - IX Daily

"I'm happy to see Dreamers' "Wolves" as the #2 single this week. It seems like just yesterday that I was championing that tune to all of you before anyone had heard of it. So proud…" - Josh Landow (FMQB SubModern Report)

"Wolves" is a highly fetching rock tune with a memorable hook. Be careful, or it will get stuck in your head for an extended period of time." - Earmilk

“Wolves” is punchy, sugar coated garage rock, like The Strokes meets Weezer." - Alt Press

"Wolves" is crazy catchy" - USA Today

2010 - present

2010 - present
























"Waste My Night" 






DREAMERS(members of Motive) is a unique brand of grunge that is nostalgic for a space somewhere between art-school eccentric and the late 1970s punk scene.

Prepare to embark on a journey with DREAMERS, with their unique brand of grunge that is nostalgic for a space somewhere between art-school eccentric and the late 1970s punk scene. Drawing inspiration from the likes of John Lennon and David Lynch, DREAMERS are ready to send their kaleidoscopic sound out into the universe. Their colorfully passionate music tugs at heartstrings and will have you dancing around the room all in one fell swoop, with their debut release EP set to drop on November 18, 2014.


Currently wandering amidst the streets of Brooklyn, DREAMERS is comprised of Nick Wold (vocals, guitar), Chris Bagamery (drums, backup vocals), and Nelson (bass, backup vocals). Having arisen in Seattle and Maryland, they each found a contemplative solace in music, and first met in another life as part of four-piece band, Motive. After catching the attention of the likes of MTV2 and New York Times as well as opening slots for the likes of The Vaccines and Bear Hands,Motive eventually parted ways only to reform in this current life as a three-piece outfit, which would become DREAMERS.


DREAMERS’ upcoming album, due for release November 18, is a psychedelic collection of indie rock tunes that journeys through an array of experiences culminating in the transcendental “This Album Doesn’t Exist". The first single, “Wolves”, is a more pensive track from the release, and an apt introduction to the band. It speaks of the influence other people can have on us, whether good or bad, and showcases the band's expressive songwriting. “It’s a tale about how other people can drag you down, drag you up, or generally affect you, especially if you pay a lot of attention to them,” explains Wold. 


The band follow with second single, “Waste My Night” - a feel-good nostalgic tale about youthful optimism. The infectious guitar riffs and hypnotic bass is DREAMERS’ calls to arms - urging listeners to embrace their carefree side as frontman Wold croons “Let our worries fade, summer moon is here to stay, suddenly I’m not afraid; darling, forget about your sea of troubles.”

From energetic piano loops to scuzzed-out guitar solos littered throughout the release and heard on tracks like, “Let It Die," and “Not A Love Song", the album soon slows down with the soaring and rocked out lullaby “Oh Me Leelah" and closes with final track "Useless", a perfect coda for DREAMERS’ debut.

With each track a mystifying journey and tale in itself, DREAMERS are ultimately here for one purpose - to help you follow your dream, whatever it may be.




"My Little Match"




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